The Waymakers

Reflections by BLK Artists on BLK Creativity

Reinvention of a People, an Essay by Barbara Ann Teer
Read this timeless critical essay by Dr. Barbara Ann Teer published on August 14,1997 in the New York Amsterdam News. From the Abstract: Barbara Ann Teer calls upon African Americans to restore a new commitment to furthering the progress of blacks. Teer provides an historical background of African ancestors to emphasize her point of where modern blacks need to go in the future.
Reflections. . . . . . . . . . Impressions, Questions, and Dialogue on Blk Art, an essay by Dr. Barbara Ann Teer
This is a collection of poetic impressions, reflections, questions, and dialogue written by Dr. Barbara Ann Teer as a way to process her thinkining and challenges in building a Black Theatre. The whole document poses compelling questions about the soul of Black Theatre and potential ways to bring it forth / honor its being.
The Black Arts Movement: It’s Meaning and Potential, an essay by Amiri Baraka
In this 2011 essay, Amiri Baraka, one of the catalysts of the Black Arts Movement of the 60s, reflects on the context, development, and people who gave life and shape to the movement. Throughout, Elder Baraka reflects on the role of being a revolutionary AND an artist. For him, this role remains one of fostering collective self-awareness, self-determination, and focus for a people seeking Liberation.